Discovering Helsinki, Finland

Where Eastern exotica meets Scandinavian chic.

Helsinki is a unique specimen of the Nordic countries in Europe. The lifestyle of the northernmost of all the European Union capitals is full of contrasts, bursting with activity with hundreds of events and full of friendly people. Helsinki possesses diverse influences from both the East and the West.


With a history of more than 450 years, several unique architectural styles and eras are visible in Helsinki. The special Scandinavian design has made the city world famous. Nature’s beauty has been seamlessly combined with high technology innovations, and old traditions blend with new Millennium. Lush green parks start right downtown with nearby forests offering peace and solitude for nature excursions.

The Helsinki pulse is relaxed – but also tense when it comes to Helsinki’s culinary life and nighttime activities. Everything is within easy reach. Helsinki is a metropolis with human dimensions.


Those in search of fashion will not want to miss the shops along Fredrikinkatu. Helsinki is also an excellent place to purchase high-quality leather products, glassware, interior decoration articles, household electronics, individual design objects, jewellery, antiques and art.

Finally, for the eating-out lovers, Helsinki offer numerous place to visit, from gourmet restaurants to speciality bistros. The city is able to provide enjoyment for all tastes.

Price: From £259 per person in a double room with breakfast, 7 nights.

Travel 3* or 4* hotel

Offer valid for January, February and March 2014.

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